Leak detection, when done properly, makes use of 4 methods that are used to identify the vicinity of the leak.  It’s critical to pinpoint the source of the leak and then pick out the exact point from which the water is leaking. These methods include the use of thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening equipment, tracing gases and leak correlation factors. Each of the given leak detection technologies is applied depending on their suitability to the section in question as well as the accuracy level that might be needed.

Thermal imaging camera techniques make use of specially programmed graphics interface that helps gives a pictorial view of any arm as well as damp patches made on the wall. This method accurately helps in identifying the source of the given leak; Trace the route followed by the leakages by making a graphical analysis of the warm and cold temperature patterns created by the running puncture.

The tracing gas method heavily makes use of hydrogen and nitrogen mixture with the gases chosen owing to their lighter and smaller molecules as compared to that of water. The gases are carefully pumped into the working pipes at some controlled pressures. In case of any leakages within the pipes, the gases will first diffuse out molecules that are smaller than that of water. Gas sniffers will then be used to identify the exact location of where the gases have been spread.

leak-detector-toolThe acoustic listening equipment works by detecting leaks that might have occurred at distances of up to 2.6 meters below the given surface. The technique makes use of a detection method similar to that applied to the ultrasonic sound mechanism. The acoustic listening method is critical in that internal and external leakages can be detected without the need of having to do some excavation works on gardens, roads, etc.

Leak correlation technique, on the other hand, makes use of electrical signals to detect leakages that can be as deep as 600 meters below the ground. This method is mainly applied to leak detection of water mains that are underground and across extensive areas like farms, airports, car parks and driveways.

The mentioned ADI leak detection methods will do an excellent job when it comes to detecting water leaks. The ADI water leak detection technologies are a game changer given the pinpoint accuracy applied when detecting any leakages that may have been experienced. The leak detection methods have been thoroughly tested and, therefore, prove to be the best the UK has to offer.