The first automotive window tinting product was invented by 3M in 1966 and the last 50 years, the window tinting manufacturing and installation industry has kept pace with the world’s demand for the latest technology. Shortly, “intelligent window tinting” will be available which will allow drivers to customize tint levels at the touch of a button using “smart particles” embedded in their car’s windows.

Today, Diamond Window Tinting http://diamondautowindowtinting.com is on the cutting edge of tint technology. For the past 13 years, Diamond Window Tinting has offered their customers the very latest tint technology including carbon and ceramic film products along with professional, guaranteed installation. The most popular tinting process in use today is film tinting, which is simply applying an adhesive film to the customer’s choice of tint darkness to the automotive glass. While the process may sound simple, it’s a job best left to professionals. Many do-it-your-selfers have tried and failed to self-install window tint. Trust the experts and you will be not be disappointed.In the past, the most popular window tint films were coated with a metallic layer of titanium, stainless steel, even silver and gold to offer drivers a stylish way to increase privacy and reflect heat and ultraviolet rays.

Today, while metallic films are still available, most car owners reject metallic tint because it will cause interference with GPS and cell phone signals.The alternative to metallic tint is carbon film technology. Carbon based window tint can reject 97% of ultraviolet rays and up to 59% of heat while of course reducing sun glare inside the car. The latest non-metallic tints from manufacturers like Suntech even offer a lifetime warranty against fading on certain products. The next level beyond carbon tint and today’s best window tinting choice is a ceramic film. Neither metallic nor heat conductive, ceramic window tint offers superior ultraviolet and heat rejection to protect automotive interiors and keep drivers and passengers comfortable.


Ceramic tint is also extremely stable and will never fade or change color, as lesser products will over time. Ceramic tint application even offers additional safety. Car windows with ceramic tint are less likely to shatter in an accident.There are many choices when considering automotive window tinting. Style, privacy, material, heat resistance, UV protection, durability, and even legality. Be sure to consult with and trust your automotive window tint to professionals like those at Diamond Window Tinting http://diamondautowindowtinting.com before making the investment that is best for you.… Read the rest

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